Our Business

i2F’s activities include a variety of customized decision support services, adapted to each client’s needs and business environment. i2F performs studies and analyses in every business sector, enabling companies to better prepare their decisions.

  • Due diligence & Compliance i2F analyzes the entity to be purchased or partnered with and the possible synergies with the partner or client company. We assess the financial stakes, reputation, references, potential factors for failure and possible alliances.
  • Strategic support and decision support i2F examines the strategies of the different companies involved and their strengths and weaknesses, and performs a diagnosis to allow our clients to reposition themselves more effectively on the market if necessary. These strategic studies also enable our clients to understand a targeted foreign market, assess its potential and anticipate the inherent threats.
  • Public affairs, lobbying and communication support i2F analyzes a client’s image with consumers and the public at large, as well as politicians, and participates in developing an image strategy development and optimizing internal and external corporate communication vis-à-vis markets and institutions.
  • Support to combat fraud, corruption and swindling. i2F identifies vulnerabilities in order to implement and coordinate robust protection systems. Contact us for further information.